Waxing Services

birch tree waxing services


Hair removal is serious business and we are here to help take care of even the most sensitive areas. At Birch Tree we use Hard and Soft wax.

Birch Tree Brazilian: Hair removal from the whole bikini line. Front to back - $75

Birch Tree Mohawk- Hair removal from 1-2 inches inside the bikini line - $45

Birch Tree Beach Bikini- Hair removal from outside the bikini line - $35

Brows - $13

Lip - $13

Nose - $13

Chin - $13

Full Face - Includes brows, cheeks, nose, lip, and chin - $65

Underarms - $35

Full Arm - Includes the entire arm and hand - $55

Half Arm - From hand to the elbow - $45

Full Leg - Includes outside the bikini line, thigh, knee, lower leg and foot - $95 and up

Half Leg - Removes hair from the knee to the top of feet - $55

Back - Removes hair from the entire back - $65 and up